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Dog & Cat Automatic Drinking Bowl Feeder

Dog & Cat Automatic Drinking Bowl Feeder

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An automatic drinking bowl and feeder for dogs and cats can be a convenient solution to ensure your pets have access to food and water even when you're not around. These devices are designed to dispense food and water automatically, providing a steady supply throughout the day.

3 in 1 size
Bowl size: 11 * 3cm
Tray size: 29.5 * 24.5 * 5.2cm
2 in 1 size
Size: 33cm / 12.99 "* 25cm / 9.84" * 19cm / 7.48 "
Water bottle capacity: 500ml
Product features:
1. Eat and drink one set, feed dry food and wet food separately, give pet a delicate diet experience, thicken stainless steel, no rust, no paint, resistant to falling and compression, and use more hygienic
2. Automatic water replenishment, control the water level, how much to drink and how much to flow, so as to control the water quantity at any time
3. Large capacity bowl, universal for cat and dog, high cost performance
4. The water bottle can be replaced, and the 28mm water bottle can be used
5. Anti wet mouth partition, non wet mouth design, can effectively avoid the problem of pet's mouth hair yellowing due to long-term water, colleagues can also play a role in dust prevention
6. Personalized color contrast, 8 styles to choose from, fashionable and durable, suitable for all kinds of home decoration style environment.

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