1 Pair of 10 Studs Anti-Skid Ice

Shoe Size: S 18 x 11cm
Sale price$24.99




Durable overshoes with good elasticity

Ground-gripping steel studs

Easily fitted over existing footwear with no buckles or straps

The material is flexible

Carefully fasten overshoes to your shoes

The overshoes could only walk on flat and thin icy or snow ground

wipe the overshoes clean with a dry cloth after using. Stores the overshoes in a cool and dry place, away form direct sunshine or fire


Size: S, M, L
S: 18*11cm
M: 20*12.5cm
L: 21*13.5cm
Conversion: 1 inch=2.54cm or 1cm=0.393inch


Package Includes:

1 Pair x Anti-Skid Ice Gripper Pads



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