4 Point Eyebrow Pencil Waterproof Liquid Eyebrow Pen

Color: 01-light brown
Sale price$15.00


Makeup Tools with a 4-Fork Tip Eyebrow Pencil.


How to use:
Step 1: Start with clean brows
Step 2: Align Micro-thin tip across the brow
Step 3: Create hair like lines starting at brow base
Step 4: Fill in sparse areas hair by hair
Step 5: Shape the tail

This pen gives your natural browns!
1. 24 hours waterproof, long-lasting, easy to color, smudge-proof, fine sketch, tattoo sense of super durable!
2. This micro blading pen makes your eyebrow look stunning!
3. It creates hair-like strokes that make your brows natural!
4. It does not smudge and it's long-lasting all day!
5. No need to do micro blading surgeries that cost a bomb!

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