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12V Intelligent Pulse Repair LCD Display Car and Motorcycle Battery Repair Charger

12V Intelligent Pulse Repair LCD Display Car and Motorcycle Battery Repair Charger

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• Intelligent Pulse Repair :The charger uses intelligent pulse repair technology to diagnose and fix battery problems, ensuring your car or motorcycle battery is always in top condition.

• LCD Display :The charger comes with an LCD display that shows the battery's charging status, making it easy to monitor the charging process.

• 12V Compatibility :The charger is compatible with 12V batteries, making it suitable for use with a wide range of vehicles.

• Repair Functionality :The charger not only charges batteries but also has repair functionality, making it a versatile tool for any car or motorcycle owner.

• Car Charger

• This is a fully automatic battery charger.

• Automatic charging prevents battery overcharging. So you can keep the charger connected to the battery indefinitely.

• Level 3 charger for lead-acid battery types including calcium, gel and AGM batteries, wet cells. They can also help restore depleted and sulphated batteries.

• Battery Type: Most types of lead acid batteries including Calcium, Gel and AGM, Wet, EFB, etc.

• Supports switch-mode technology

• Support polarity protection

• Support output short circuit protection

• Supports non-battery connection protection

• Support overvoltage protection

• Support over temperature protection

• Input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz

• Rated output: 12V

• Minimum startup voltage: 2.0V

• Battery range: 6-100Ah

• Thermal protection: 65'C+/-5'C

• Efficiency: 85%.

• Compliant with standards: CE

• Dimensions (length x width x height): 145x90x65mm

• Weight: 480 grams

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