PVS-14 Digital Night Vision Goggle IR Night Vision

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Night Vision

This product is a night vision device for observing objects in dark or weak light. With infrared light, a distance beyond 150 M can be observed in a dark environment.

The product has digital functions, complete functions, can be used as a telescope in the daytime, full-color output of the display screen, when the infrared light is turned on at night, the complementary light is a black-and-white screen, which can take photos and videos of the observed objects, has its own playback function, and can directly observe the content taken on the equipment.


Magnification: 3X

Objective: 28mm

Field of view: 6.4°

Exit pupil diameter: 14mm

Eyes pot distance: 15mm

Vseibility regulating range: ±5°C

Minimum observation distance: 0.8mm

As far as the night viewing distance: >200m

Sensor: 1/4”CMOS

Horizontal resolution: 420lines

Display device: LED

Resolution: 330x224 pixel

Lighting device: 1R LED

Center wavelength: 850mm

Working voltage: DV 3V

Built in power: AA battery (Not include)

Battery endurance: 1.5/2.5h (1R ON/1R OFF)

Switch: 1. The power switch 2. Infared illumination Brightness regulation 3.Forced switch infrared lighting.

Weight: 260g(without battery)

Products Include: Night vision device * 1, J arm * 1, L arm * 1, helmet mount bracket* 1 (without helmet), bag * 1


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