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1 Pcs Neon Light Led Bright Toy Mask Black V-shaped Luminous Glowing Mask

1 Pcs Neon Light Led Bright Toy Mask Black V-shaped Luminous Glowing Mask

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• Neon LED Light :This mask features a vibrant neon LED light, making it a standout item for dark environments. Its brightness attracts attention and adds a fun element to any party or event.

• Flashing Feature :The mask comes with a flashing feature that adds an exciting and unique touch to the product. This feature makes it ideal for nighttime use or for creating a festive atmosphere.

• Plastic Material :Made from durable plastic, this mask is designed to withstand regular use. Its sturdy construction ensures it can be worn for an extended period without losing its luminous charm.

• Recommended Age :This product is recommended for individuals aged 14 and above. It's a perfect gift for teenagers and young adults who love unique and quirky accessories.

• V-Shaped Design :The mask boasts a V-shaped design that not only allows for a comfortable fit but also adds to its aesthetic appeal. Its sleek shape complements different face types and enhances overall look.

• Luminous Toys Category :As part of the luminous toys category, this mask is an excellent choice for those seeking fun and innovative accessories. It's a great addition to any toy collection.

Product Information


1.Fluorescent green LED lightsbring stunning visual effects, perfect for Halloween or costume parties.

2.Cold light technologyprovides soft and natural lighting effects, which are not harsh on the eyes and do not cause any harm to them.

3.Made of high-quality materials, it is lightweight and durable, not easily damaged, and can be used for a long time.

4.Suitable for various occasions, such as Halloween, costume parties, dance performances, etc., making you the focus of the party.


Product Name: EL Lighting Mask

Product size: 20.5*17*9cm

Glowing color: Neon

Laughing mode: Long-light-Flash-Slow Flash-Destroy

Battery driver: Two sections 5 battery (shipping without battery)

Material composition: Plastic+EL light

Package included

1XEL Lighting Mask


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